Friday, November 14, 2008

Soccer is over!!!!

Soccer. It's finally over!!!!!!!!!! Well, we get 2 weeks off, then indoor starts. This soccer thing is killing us. It takes all of our time, from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., every night of the week.   Driving one kid to practice, then taking the other one to their practice, then back to pick up the first one, to go pick up the last one. It is alot of time waiting in the car.  2 games a week, 3-4 practices a week. Plus cheerleading. This is each kid.  I want to be on the boat. ( WHILE WE STILL HAVE IT!) 
  But, when it comes time to watch their games,  we realize why we do it. To watch Braxton knock other kids to the ground, then score. He is amazing! He is so confident, he truly understands the game. It is so fun as a parent to watch your child's mind and body at work.  Kenna finally starting to get it, watching her body up on other girls. Having her true colors come out on the field. She is so competitive, not afraid, and when she has the will watch out!  Brixton at half time is a whole other story, he runs out on the field drop kicks his ball and dribbles it to the goal. To have all the other soccer parents in awe. They tell us every game that they can't believe how well he kicks the ball. Makes it all worth it. I bet you are wondering where Branton is during all of this. Well, we are wondering the same thing.  He stays behind and does what he does best. WATCHES TV. He is a pro., he watches with the best of them. We are so proud of him. Best Damn TV watcher in the world. And if you don't believe us, just ask him.  He could be great at anything, if he wanted too. He just likes TV. He is so smart and coordinated. We do not get it. But we are proud. Ask him about his cartoons, he can tell you anything and everything. We will just keep telling ourselves this is why he is such a good writer.