Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2008. Tiffany and I have been hosting our halloween party for 12 years. There  has been many of memories made at these parties. When Cathy teamed up with her team and kicked Beau out on the survivor game.  Nici and Randy dressing up like Tiffany and I, they played that off well. When Brady and Tara dressed up as Tarzan and Jane basically lingerie. When Brent said IN DA BUTT.  And when the Keverns won almost every costume contest. This year they Didn't get 1 vote. I think people wanted to give someone else a chance. It is Politics. 
   There has been many of people coming to this party through out the years. It is a invite only. It is really hard to choose the 12-14 couples. ( That is the perfect number.) We wish it could be 30 couples. But then people get lost in the crowd. There are some that want to invite other people But we do not allow them access to back stage passes.  We are really close to the people that we invite and we are going to keep it that way. We also don't want any new comers to think bad about the Martinson's. Sometimes this party gets out of hand. It can get really crude at times. 
  Nici And Randy took over after they were 1 1/2 Hrs late, they were in charge of bringing  drinks, they brought all sugar free beverages (they can bring dessert next year.) They did  some blades of glory moves. Great times.  Trish and Destry won the game this year. The game was who is Adam's BFF. 
 But we had a great time and hope everyone that showed up did also. We already are planning  next year. So If you think that you might get an invite, you may want to start planning your costumes now. Only limited passes and NO BACK STAGE VIP'S. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

D asked if he could tag along the other night.  So this is what I got in the 3 minutes of shooting him and Luke. 
 I found the perfect place to shoot pictures. It is A-Marts secret place. I have a lot of SECRET things. So if you know anyone that wants some pics Let me know. The Mortgage market isn't the best. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Much Longer

Tiffany is due ??/??/09.  We don't really know when. She  finds out this coming Sat.  I sure hope it's sooner than latter.  It Might  be me, but I am getting tired of her.  She is not that nice. She doesn't think I 'm funny. ( And I am Damn Funny )   We got in a little Fight yesterday. ( it was her fault ) Didn't last that long. A average Adam & Tiffany Dual. ( 30 minutes )  I thought since she probably new she was in the wrong. She would bring me a package of Lifesavers.  When she got home from work,  I was waiting outside for her. I was excited. I thought for sure she would bring me a package.  Is all I got is (What are you doing ). I told her I was going to RuleMakers to help him with his Garage. ( He is doing his floor ) She told me she was going to bed. I thought  WOW that's weird She is really going to bed.  OH ya I forgot. She is PREGNANT.  She Is always sick, Tired, Reading Twilight or playing Web"kins on the computer.  SO For those of you that think it's Just the wife That suffers from having a baby. THINK AGAIN. 

The Bottom Line is I love her more than anything. And I am really glad this is last child. 

I want this Back