Friday, November 14, 2008

Soccer is over!!!!

Soccer. It's finally over!!!!!!!!!! Well, we get 2 weeks off, then indoor starts. This soccer thing is killing us. It takes all of our time, from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., every night of the week.   Driving one kid to practice, then taking the other one to their practice, then back to pick up the first one, to go pick up the last one. It is alot of time waiting in the car.  2 games a week, 3-4 practices a week. Plus cheerleading. This is each kid.  I want to be on the boat. ( WHILE WE STILL HAVE IT!) 
  But, when it comes time to watch their games,  we realize why we do it. To watch Braxton knock other kids to the ground, then score. He is amazing! He is so confident, he truly understands the game. It is so fun as a parent to watch your child's mind and body at work.  Kenna finally starting to get it, watching her body up on other girls. Having her true colors come out on the field. She is so competitive, not afraid, and when she has the will watch out!  Brixton at half time is a whole other story, he runs out on the field drop kicks his ball and dribbles it to the goal. To have all the other soccer parents in awe. They tell us every game that they can't believe how well he kicks the ball. Makes it all worth it. I bet you are wondering where Branton is during all of this. Well, we are wondering the same thing.  He stays behind and does what he does best. WATCHES TV. He is a pro., he watches with the best of them. We are so proud of him. Best Damn TV watcher in the world. And if you don't believe us, just ask him.  He could be great at anything, if he wanted too. He just likes TV. He is so smart and coordinated. We do not get it. But we are proud. Ask him about his cartoons, he can tell you anything and everything. We will just keep telling ourselves this is why he is such a good writer. 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2008. Tiffany and I have been hosting our halloween party for 12 years. There  has been many of memories made at these parties. When Cathy teamed up with her team and kicked Beau out on the survivor game.  Nici and Randy dressing up like Tiffany and I, they played that off well. When Brady and Tara dressed up as Tarzan and Jane basically lingerie. When Brent said IN DA BUTT.  And when the Keverns won almost every costume contest. This year they Didn't get 1 vote. I think people wanted to give someone else a chance. It is Politics. 
   There has been many of people coming to this party through out the years. It is a invite only. It is really hard to choose the 12-14 couples. ( That is the perfect number.) We wish it could be 30 couples. But then people get lost in the crowd. There are some that want to invite other people But we do not allow them access to back stage passes.  We are really close to the people that we invite and we are going to keep it that way. We also don't want any new comers to think bad about the Martinson's. Sometimes this party gets out of hand. It can get really crude at times. 
  Nici And Randy took over after they were 1 1/2 Hrs late, they were in charge of bringing  drinks, they brought all sugar free beverages (they can bring dessert next year.) They did  some blades of glory moves. Great times.  Trish and Destry won the game this year. The game was who is Adam's BFF. 
 But we had a great time and hope everyone that showed up did also. We already are planning  next year. So If you think that you might get an invite, you may want to start planning your costumes now. Only limited passes and NO BACK STAGE VIP'S. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

D asked if he could tag along the other night.  So this is what I got in the 3 minutes of shooting him and Luke. 
 I found the perfect place to shoot pictures. It is A-Marts secret place. I have a lot of SECRET things. So if you know anyone that wants some pics Let me know. The Mortgage market isn't the best. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Much Longer

Tiffany is due ??/??/09.  We don't really know when. She  finds out this coming Sat.  I sure hope it's sooner than latter.  It Might  be me, but I am getting tired of her.  She is not that nice. She doesn't think I 'm funny. ( And I am Damn Funny )   We got in a little Fight yesterday. ( it was her fault ) Didn't last that long. A average Adam & Tiffany Dual. ( 30 minutes )  I thought since she probably new she was in the wrong. She would bring me a package of Lifesavers.  When she got home from work,  I was waiting outside for her. I was excited. I thought for sure she would bring me a package.  Is all I got is (What are you doing ). I told her I was going to RuleMakers to help him with his Garage. ( He is doing his floor ) She told me she was going to bed. I thought  WOW that's weird She is really going to bed.  OH ya I forgot. She is PREGNANT.  She Is always sick, Tired, Reading Twilight or playing Web"kins on the computer.  SO For those of you that think it's Just the wife That suffers from having a baby. THINK AGAIN. 

The Bottom Line is I love her more than anything. And I am really glad this is last child. 

I want this Back

Monday, September 22, 2008

If you have the chance to hang out with the Martinson's
You Might not want to miss it. 


Thursday, September 18, 2008

There will be a new post shortly. Thanks and come again

Monday, June 9, 2008

Randy's Birhday Party

Happy Birthday Randy!
We missed you. Well, some of us. We didn't bother the neighbors with any loud games, we didn't see who was the best at anything, we didn't hand out any ribbons or trophies, we didn't even make any new rules. We just hung out and enjoyed some birthday cake. We left you some did you enjoy it as much as we did?  We missed the pool being open, we missed the slide, we missed the hot tub, we missed Keeli. Some of us missed croquet, some of us missed Jana , some even missed Randy, but we all really missed Benz. Adam figured out how to hot wire the pool cover (with great tech support). But because your sister-in-law is afraid of you she would not let it happen.  We hope your birthday was as fun as your party but next time leave the key. We always clean up after. 

Sunday, March 9, 2008


We are not sure when the obsession started but I am sure it was when Branton was about 2 years old. It started with killer whales. Branton loved them. His first love was a killer whale named Speequil. It was a 3 inch long stuffed animal. We aren't really sure if that was the real name,  Speequil is what what we heard come out of that little two year old boy.  It was his best friend. He could not sleep without him. All he talked about was Killer Whales. He could not wait for the day to come when he could go to Sea World and see a real Killer Whale. He then expanded his passion to all whales, dolphins, and sharks. 
When he was 3 the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl came out. He was Shark boy from then on. Makenna, was Lava Girl for a while. Speequil took a back seat, his new love was Sharks. When we went to the library, he checked out shark books. He would tell us all these really cool facts about sharks. I never knew all of these interesting facts, I started liking sharks. 
Adam and I went to Cancun, Mexico over Easter in 2005. I guess we really did not get the obsession yet because we brought home a shark tooth necklace for Braxton and a painting of killer whales for Branton. Branton was happy and never complained, but the next year when we went on a cruise he begged us to get him a shark tooth necklace. 
Branton is part fish of some sort. I think this is why he loves all the sea creatures. Since he was 2 1/2 he has been negotiating his life jacket. He would tell us all the time, "I can swim, I don't need it!" So when we were in the pool we would let him take it off. If you did not watch him, he would jump out of the pool, run to the deep end and jump in. He was so fun to watch. The kids would say "Branton do a flip!" Branton would stand at the end of the pool jump and flip into the pool with perfect form. Then we would hear "Branton do a back flip!" Branton would  back flip in making it seem so simple. He was always the center of attention at any swimming pool.  This was our only child who never took one swimming class, took some tumbling classes but was never taught how to do a flip, back flip, or cannon ball. The only explanation we ever had was that he was part fish. 
Branton entered kindergarten and his first project was to make an animal from household items. Does it surprise you that he wanted to make a shark? It turned out awesome! Adam and Nana Dixie helped him. They used duct tape and rhinestones for the teeth. They made a poster that looked like the ocean. He loved it. Since then we have made several reports and projects all about Sharks.  They had a day in kindergarten when all the kids needed to come dressed as an animal and know 3 facts about that animal. Branton of course was a shark and already knew too many facts about them, he was so exited. I bought him a wet suit and we gave him a faux hawk. This was the best day of kindergarten. 
When I go to the school it always makes me laugh to see everyones art work and how Branton always find a way to manipulate it into a shark. For Valentines, all the cute hearts hanging on the wall, saying things like, I love my mom or I love my dad. Branton's is a sideways heart  with teeth, a smaller heart on top upside down  to make the shark fin. His reads, I love sharks. He had to give a report on what he wanted to be when he was 100 years old, apparently he is being reincarnated into a shark. I could go on and on. 
So of course you can imagine the day dreaming that Branton has about swimming with the sharks. He would tell us about how he was going  swim in the ocean, find a shark, hop on it's back and take a ride. I think he really thought he would be able to communicate with the sharks. Then for Christmas Santa brought us a family vacation to Hawaii. The stories just got better. 
Adam and I found out that they had an excursion were you could really swim with the sharks. We knew we had to do it. Braxton and Makenna declined the offer so Adam, Sam, Branton and I swam with the sharks. It was truly amazing. We went out on this pontoon boat 3 miles out from the shore. When the boat stopped it was already surrounded by sharks. The sharks knew the sound of the boat and knew they were about to be fed. The sharks were about 6 feet long they were everywhere! You truly can appreciate all of gods creatures when you see them up close like that. They were beautiful. We all got in this 8x5 cage with snorkel gear, then they pushed us out from the boat. It was amazing, the sharks just ignored us but swam all around us waiting for their favorite food. Lucky for us they do not like people. So Branton got to live out his life long dream at 6 years old. I hope he doesn't want to move to Hawaii one day. I can't imagine life without my little shark boy!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Makenna's Baptism

Makenna was baptized January 31, 2008. I will never forget how beautiful that morning was in Hawaii. Outside of our hotel there was this little lagoon, it was surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls, we thought this would be the perfect location. We decided 7:30 a.m. would be a great time because it would be fairly vacant that early in the morning. It had been lightly raining that morning and everything seemed a little bit more spectacular.  All of the sand that surrounded the lagoon had been raked to perfection.  Makenna's little feet prints were the first mark on the sand. 
We had asked our Stake President (Steve Peterson) if he could preside over the baptism. He and his wife (Cathy) were serving as mission presidents over in Oahu,  when they had accepted we were so grateful because we both knew how busy they were. My parent's and our friends Kione, Nikki, Tiare, Tai, and Malia Gonzales were also able to be there.  As we waited for the Peterson's everything was so peaceful. We were able to really think and reflect about what was about to happen. The spirit was so strong. It had reminded me of our wedding day, sitting in the Celestial room waiting to be sealed. I can't describe my feelings, here we were 13 years later with our 5 beautiful children, in a place that has to look just like heaven. 
As the Peterson's arrived the rain just stopped. The world left us and it felt like our little group was all that existed. A big rainbow stretched across the sky. I watched my little girl grow up just a little as she entered the water with her dad, grandpa Alan, and friend Kione. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, as every baptism is. It is just a little bit more special when it is your little girl. I am so proud to be her mother. I love her with my whole heart. 
After the baptism we went back up to our hotel room. We were staying in a two bedroom condo so there was plenty of room for our little group. My dad confirmed Makenna a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, and gave her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. His blessing was amazing. It is a remarkable thing to hear a man give a blessing when he truly honors his priesthood. I can not express the love I have for my dad, he is what every father and grandfather should be. 
I hope she remembers the beauty of that day, the love of not only those that were there but also the love of her Father in Heaven. I pray that she will live her religion. I will try my hardest to be the example that my parents have always been, so she will not be confused about what is taught versus the way we live. She is the strongest willed child I have ever met, and I know that will lead her to greatness. I also know that it is up to Adam and I to be righteous parents and to lead her in the right direction. 
Everything about that day was a precious gift. I am so thankful for the opportunity we all had to be in such a beautiful place with the people we love. 

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well it looks like from most of your comments, You guys think Tiff is pretty funny. 
 Well because of your post's I have sold my snowmobiles. So thanks to all of you guys that put comments in. 
 I still have not put the baby to bed, Tiff is doing just fine putting him to bed. Regardless what the BOOK says. She is still tired. Last night when I went to bed. She was sleeping. She woke up and said, hi babe. I smiled and touched her. She punched me and yelled at me. Then in the morning I asked her, What the hell were you trying to fight me for last night. She didn't even know what I was talking about.  That is the thing with Tiff when she puts her mind to something she goes after it 110%. She final decided to start working out. ( How old is Brixton? )  And she lives it. She has to get her work outs in. And her diet,  The same thing,  110% we all eat healthy.  ( But she has been cooking 1/2 the time. ) And I have been eating it!!!!  I wish she put here mind to the house cleaning. Thats another thing she hasn't done since Brixton was born. Well, it has been longer than that. 6 months before he was born she cleaned the house the last time. And on X-MAS. So if it's not a holiday, There isn't going to be a clean house. 
  That's the thing that I love about our marriage, We our honest with each other.  If I think Tiffs butt is getting a bit big, I tell her. She always tells me how hot I am.  The day Brothas stop picking up on Tiff, Is the day she will know she doesn't have a little junk in the trunk. 
 After all I said and how Tiff ragged on me. I can say I am so in love with her. My marriage is better then it has ever been. It is amazing that right now financially, it is probably the most stressed out I have ever been. But, our home life is better then it has ever been. 
Everyone knows my four hobbies... pictures, cooking , boating and quality time. So I went through some of my favorite pictures, (I have 30,000) I hope you enjoy them almost as much as I do. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Little Monster

Three weeks ago, we came home from Hawaii. Most of us came home with colds and of course, the baby got it the worst. We were all jet-lagged but as most parents know when you really mess with a baby's sleep schedule sick or not you will have hell to pay. So it was probably our third night home and our little Brixton was up all night again trying to breathe through his nose, we were in our bed (ours meaning mine, Adams, and Brixton's), I was sitting up rocking him when Adam looked over and so lovingly says "you have created a monster". My first and very logical response was until you have anything to do with raising this child, mind your own business. So the next day Adam sends me a text saying he wants a divorce because Brixton is taking away his "quality time". I now feel like like I am raising six children.
So I think to myself, maybe Adam is right Brixton will be 11 months old maybe it is time. So I go buy a book so I can get him in his own bed the right way. Adam complains telling me we can't afford the $13 dollar book, but as I leave I look at his 3 snowmobiles, Harley Davidson motorcycle, Rhino, Supra boat and 24" rims on both vehicles I think screw you Adam. So I finish the book and I feel liberated. I know I can do this with a little help from Adam, after all he is the one that was ready to pack his bags if the baby didn't get his own apartment. So I tell Adam my plan and he responds, "I am not ready for him to be out of our bed what if he stops breathing"? The book says that if your still nursing, (I am), to have the father put the baby to bed because otherwise it is like waving two giant ( and I mean GIANT) bottles in front of the baby and saying nope you can't have these now go to sleep. So what does my wonderful husband decide to do? He goes to the gym. What? Maybe I need to pack his bags. So I go through all the books steps , put Brixton in his bed and let him cry. I want to cry. I stay busy, do the laundry, take the garbage out, (why do I have a husband?) and do some more laundry. 20 minutes go by and Brixton is no longer crying. He has fallen asleep sitting up, my heart is broken. All I want to do is pick him up and rock him, tell him I love him and take him back to his real bed. Maybe I need to put Adam in the crib. Adam gets home asks "who put the baby to bed"? I want to flip him off. I say I did. The book says tomorrow will be worse. I am sure Adam will have to go get a pedicure or something. And somehow I am still in love with him. I am for sure going to heaven. 

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Family.

Hello, we are the Martinson family. Adam (A-mart), Tiffany, Samantha, Braxton, Makenna, Branton (Bunta), and Brixton (Fat Fat).
  I have read a few friends and family members blogs. I think this is a great way to keep a family journal,  (that came from Jana Woodward's blog) and to let you know how we are doing. (If any one reads it). 
 I am sure Tiffany will get on here and complain about  the missed spelled words and everything else. 
 We will have to see how this goes.