Monday, June 9, 2008

Randy's Birhday Party

Happy Birthday Randy!
We missed you. Well, some of us. We didn't bother the neighbors with any loud games, we didn't see who was the best at anything, we didn't hand out any ribbons or trophies, we didn't even make any new rules. We just hung out and enjoyed some birthday cake. We left you some did you enjoy it as much as we did?  We missed the pool being open, we missed the slide, we missed the hot tub, we missed Keeli. Some of us missed croquet, some of us missed Jana , some even missed Randy, but we all really missed Benz. Adam figured out how to hot wire the pool cover (with great tech support). But because your sister-in-law is afraid of you she would not let it happen.  We hope your birthday was as fun as your party but next time leave the key. We always clean up after.